To process payments, we use Stripe Connect, which charges $0.30 + 2.9% per successful card charge. We take processing payments to artists seriously - and using Stripe allows us to do this in a secure, safe, and compliant way.

How It Works

This fee is added to the subtotal for supporting an artist and is paid by the supporter. This is for two reasons.

(1) Every platform uses some kind of payment processor, but usually makes content creators eat those processing costs. We want as much to go to the artist as possible, so choose to make it an additional fee.

(2) Unlike most startups, Ampled is owned by its artists, workers, and community. This means we are not subsidized by large sums of venture capital investment. Having the payment processing be an additional fee is a huge step for helping Ampled be a sustainable and permanent vehicle for artist prosperity.

We’ll continuously be optimizing payment processing to continue to lower the burden of these rates for our community.