Ampled allows music artists to be directly supported by their community with simple recurring payments.

Ampled is a cooperatively owned, values-driven platform for artists.

Ampled’s mission is to make music more equitable for artists and to operate transparently & ethically.

The Problem

In 2017, artists received only 12% of all music industry revenues.

Music artists aren’t paid equitably.

Subscription streaming services help artists get discovered, but barely compensate them— even after millions of plays from loyal listeners.

Giving direct support to artists is more difficult than it should be.

Music consumption today is increasingly free, with few
options for artists to be directly supported by their
audience besides merch and resource-intensive touring.


More music discovery = more devoted global niche followings

Streaming services have made it easier for listeners to  discover music artists that resonate with them.

To be a successful creator, you don’t need millions of dollars or millions of fans. To make a living as a musician, you need only thousands of true fans.

- Kevin Kelly

Artists often have surplus content

Because it’s never been easier to record at home, artists now often have valuable unheard or unseen content—including demos, rough ideas, unfinished songs, and more.

Listeners are eager to support their favorite artists

The emotional reward of knowing you are directly supporting your favorite artist is incredibly valuable to fans of music artists.

How It Works

  1. Artists create an Ampled page and post unique content

    Ampled is free for artists to join. Users directly support a particular artist, not the platform.

  2. Artists rally their community to support them

    Content is unlocked by directly supporting the artist.

  3. Artists receive predictable recurring income

    Supporters get a notification when an artist they support posts something new.

Unique & Unreleased Content

Artists on Ampled can post anything they’d like. Generally, the content an artist would put on Ampled isn't recorded music that you would find on an album.

  • Demos, rough ideas, unfinished songs, alternate versions of already released songs

  • Song meanings and context, deconstructed material, insights into writing process, commentary

  • First announcements, special offers, giveaways

Direct Support & Unlocking Access

Directly supporting an artist allows a supporter to view & listen their content and get notifications for any new content posted.

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 10.13.09 PM.png

Before supporting

After supporting

Artist Ownership & Governance

Ampled aims to build a constructive alternative to the conventional Silicon Valley startup model of Venture Capitalist ownership and misaligned interests.

Artist participation, control, and ownership is key to building trust in the music community, incentivizing early adoption, and building a successful and sustainable enterprise.

Read more about Ampled being a cooperative.

Revenue Model

85% of support goes directly to the artist.

15% is what goes to Ampled.

Where does Ampled’s money go? We’ve laid it out all here.


Ampled is based in NYC and is located in New Inc, the New Museum Incubator.