As an artist, you can post anything you’d like on Ampled. Generally, it’s meant as a platform for things you wouldn’t find on an album - or any surplus content you have that your audience would find valuable. Here are a few ideas.


Audio Posts

  • Unreleased material

  • First releases

  • iPhone recordings

  • Demo versions

  • Alternate/ Stripped down recordings

  • In process material

  • Isolated tracks/ stems

  • Recordings from a side project

  • Recordings of a rehearsal

  • Live recordings

  • Covers


Text Posts

  • Song content/ meaning

  • Merch discount codes

  • First announcements about about upcoming projects, tours, and releases

  • Tour Diary

  • Personal Notes

  • Lyrics

  • Poetry (or any other kind of personal writing)

  • Recording Updates


Image Posts

  • Gear review

  • Visual artwork

  • Lyrics